Patrick Demeans Biden and Calls VP Giggler
Amid Conspiracy Claims on Migrants Surge

Capitol Inside
August 15, 2022

After laying relatively low in the rhetorical gnashing on the federal raid at Donald Trump's Florida residence, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick came out swinging on immigration on Monday with a terse warning for New York City Mayor Eric Adams in a television interview that he used to lob personal insults at the nation's top two leaders.

Patrick capped off an exchange with Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer by describing a jump in border crossings by migrants who are adult males as a central element in a plot by President Joe Biden and Democrats to seize control of the federal government with no concerns about losing it in the future.

"This is all about bringing people to this country to take over the country," Patrick said. "It's very simple."

Speaking against a backdrop with a news video that showed migrants filing off a bus from Texas in New York City, Patrick posed a couple of questions without waiting for the host to answer. "And these people in this line that your viewers have looked at this morning. Do you want them to have the right to vote?" Patrick asked. "Who are they going to vote for? This is a plan for the Democrats to take over this country once and for all."

Patrick had been unusually economical and behind the curve with his words when he joined a choir of Republicans who vented rage on social media for a couple of days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Trump's winter residence at Mar-a-Lago. Patrick, who serves as Trump's campaign chairman in Texas, steered clear of the FBI and White House bashing after the contents of a search warrant were revealed on Wednesday and showed that Trump was under investigation for possible obstruction and violations of the Espionage Act.

The silence among the state's highest-ranking Republicans continued after learning that the FBI retrieved classified documents that included information on nuclear weaponry. Patrick to his credit waited until after most of his fellow statewide leaders had tweeted their rage at the nation's top law enforcement agency before falling in line with a tweet that was bland by his standards.

But Patrick had removed the gloves before the Fox News appearance, which he began with verbal threats aimed at Adams and Democrats who serve as mayors of other major cities and ended with demeaning comments about Vice-President Kamala Harris before depicting Biden as someone who's mute.

"The vice-president can't speak without giggling like a little girl," Patrick contended. "She can't say a sentence without giggling, and the president can't say a sentence, period."

But Patrick saved most of his fighting words for Adams - drawing a line in the sand on how much he would tolerate from the NYC leader in the midst of a threat to ship New York City residents to Texas to campaign against Governor Greg Abbott in his bout with Democrat Beto O'Rourke at the polls in November.

"And by the way mayor, don't threaten Texas," Patrick told Adams.

Patrick warned that Adams could find that his criticism of the migrant busing plan to NYC backfires at the polls in November. Adams "may spike the Republican turnouts so much with that rhetoric that he's sending New Yorkers to Texas, that the Republicans might send him a award after we blow them out in November."

Patrick disputed reports that some migrants were not allowed to leave buses when they'd wanted to do so before reaching their destinations in the northeast. Patrick assured the Fox News host that all of the migrants had volunteered to go to specific destinations where they were being taken and dropped off. Hemmer asked Patrick if Texas had been running a taxi service.

Patrick also rejected assertions that the Texas migrant busing program was a publicity stunt designed to boost the GOP's odds at the ballot box in November.

"This is not political, Bill," Patrick assured Hemmer. "If it's political, it's from the mayor, who said he was going to send door knockers to Texas for the November election to help Democrats. That's the person who's made it political."

While denying that Republicans had attempted to politicize a record migrant surge, Patrick promised on social media today that Texas would continue to bus migrants to NYC and other major destinations that are controlled by Democrats.

"Texas will keep sending buses of migrants to NYC and I support sending migrants to other big Democrat-led cities," Patrick tweeted. "The Democrats are squarely responsible for the crisis on our southern border. Until Democrat governors and mayors speak up, they share the blame with Joe and Kamala."








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