Republicans Psychological Enslavement
Ends with Trump Exit and GOP Babbling

Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside
January 20, 2021

Texas GOP leaders and lawmakers were thanking God somewhere down deep inside on Wednesday with their emancipation from a ruler who'd conned them for four years while transforming their party into a reincarnation of the German people who were silent parties to the holocaust.

Democratic President Joe Biden's inauguration effectively set the Republicans free exactly three weeks after Donald Trump loyalists attacked the U.S. Capitol with his encouragement in a last-gasp bid to seize the power he'd lost at the polls. The swearing in of Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris cleared the way for Republican lawmakers to emerge from the bunkers for a return next week to Austin where they will be forced to confront the historic wreckage that Trump is leaving in his wake.

But Texas Republicans who face the task of rebuilding a political party from scratch can't expect any help from their own top leader in state GOP Chairman Allen West.

West - a former Florida congressman who moved to Texas a few years ago - appeared to be lost today in the space of his mind where there'd been no insurrection that Trump had encouraged at a Capitol where five people including a police officer had died in a shocking act of domestic terrorism.

West made it clear that he had no use for the new spirit of unity that Biden has vowed with a statement that the Texas Republican Party issued with effusive praise for Trump, recycled lies about voter fraud and nary a whisper or hint of acknowledgement on the events taking place in the real word outside the window.

"The Texas GOP thanks President Trump for his tireless work over the past four years. In the face of an endless, antagonistic, and dishonest campaign by the corporate press and their Democrat partners, President Trump fought back and put America and her citizens first," the state party declared.

After breathless warnings about dangerous left-wing warriors trying to turn Texas suburbs into socialist meccas, West expanded his focus to a bigger picture where globalists are trying to take over the world.

"It took a global pandemic, a thoroughly corrupt media, and massive election irregularities for President Trump to be removed from office," the Republican Party of Texas asserted in a regurgitation of claims that have no basis in truth. "However, what he started will not end today. America First is not going away. We will not surrender this nation to the false song of globalism, and progressive socialism."

West stopped short of raising the specter of secession like he'd done and denied doing amid his anger over electoral thievery allegations that more than 50 courts around the nation had rejected as baseless.

The good news for the GOP in the Lone Star State is that the lion's share if not all of the Republicans who control the Legislature take anything that West says seriously. Most GOP leaders and lawmakers at the Capitol in Austin find the new state party boss to be an irrelevant embarrassment as the antithesis of a typical partisan leader who seeks to bring people together instead of tearing them apart.

Governor Greg Abbott and new Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan have been the two most visible targets of West's bombastic rhetoric. West has branded Abbott as a tyrant for emergency COVID-19 restrictions while declaring the Republican House leader to be a traitor as a result of bipartisan support that he couldn't have won the speaker's post without.

West has appeared to be a tea party throwback who's clearly more in sync with the new voters that followed Trump into the GOP like the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Boogaloos and other fringe elements on the extreme right wing.

But this is the new GOP for the time being until Trump is out of the picture for good. .




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