Biden Mafia Prophesy and Miller Waffle
Get Texas Trump Grappling Under Way

Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside
January 21, 2021

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took a page straight from the GOP war on Antifa on Wednesday when he accused President Joe Biden administration of crimes that haven't actually been committed but he's certain will be at some point.

Paxton could make a killing as a palm reader if the futuristic portrayal of corruption at the Biden White House proves to be as true as Donald Trump turned out to be when he predicted that he would lose the 2020 general election months before the vote. Paxton on the other hand could forget about a mid-life career switch to fortune telling if visions of Biden as an old-school mobster are simply figments of an imagination like the Trump election challenge had been as the ultimate lawsuit lottery.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has taken a dramatically different tact on the change of guard in Washington D.C. where Trump led the Republicans out of power into infamy over the course of the past four years. A former Paxton colleague in the Texas House, Miller actually congratulated Biden for his election as president after playing along for two months with the baseless voter fraud charade.

While Miller has been a world champion rodeo cowboy in the past, he chose to ride the fence instead when he followed up the olive branch with a reaffirmation of his affection for Trump on the same day last week that he was impeached for inciting the riot that killed five people at the U.S. Capitol early this month.

The contrasting tacts that Miller and Paxton are taking on Biden and his badly tainted predecessor are telling illustrations of the unique and individual ways that GOP leaders and lawmakers are dealing with the need to come to grips with the fact that they were hornswoggled for years by a president who's been accused of high crimes against America.

Some of the Republicans here could be hoping to weather the storm without having to acknowledging it. But others might decide to tip toe out on to the limb with Patrick if and when they accept the painful fact that they'd been bamboozled and betrayed. GOP lawmakers could be all the more inclined to public disavow Trump after the way he abandoned his most loyal supporters so they could take the fall after storming the Capitol with his nod.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has appeared to be the only state official who's had the guts to acknowledge that Trump supporters had been responsible for the assault on the nation's Capitol. As Trump's state campaign chairman, Patrick seemed to be acting completely out of character when he made the effort to set the record straight about the true cause of the violence in Washington D.C.

Patrick has been a hero by the GOP's historically low and sinking standards after dismissing false claims that Paxton and others on the hard right were pushing in the insurrection aftermath in an attempt to falsely blame the leftist movement Antifa for the attack. Patrick had been all in on conspiracies about Antifa and other left-wing extremists from outside the state as the source of violence at protests in Texas cities last spring.

Having come clean on the Trump mob, Patrick shouldn't be surprised if some GOP colleagues began to follow his lead if they feel like they can safely return to Austin next week to resume the regular session now Biden has been inaugurated and gotten off to an auspicious start while Trump looks worst them after his dark and tragic final weeks.

But Republican legislators are going it find it tough to wean themselves from someone who broke their spirits and kept them in lines of angry vows of revenge. They missed the chance to save face like Patrick with a public admission on the mob before Biden's inauguration as the new president.

Republican elected officials might be afraid that anything they say could backfire with violent retaliation against their families by militant Trump right-wingers who'd threatened to kill the children of the Republican governor and secretary of state in Georgia for refusing to let Trump steal the election there.




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