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@BetoORourke Twitter photo of Capital City rally after abortion June 27

Governor pins migrant truck deaths on Biden-Beto duo as Dem cites Texas lead in CPS deaths, maternal mortality, uninsured kids and mass school shootings like Uvalde with control of women and their bodies as true motivation. more


Senate Dem says buck stops at top in Austin for worst school shooting and human trafficking tragedy after top state leader points finger first at the president. more

@TXMilitary video shows tactical marine units before river mission


@TxDPSSouth Twitter video shows smuggling disruption in Zapata


Lawmaker for city with school slayings sues state police for cold shoulder in quest for information that's uphill challenge with fix by state already in on local school chief. more

@DanPatrick unravels Uvalde lies on Fox News June 21


DPS Colonel Steve McCraw testifies at Texas Senate hearing June 21


Convention delegates go to new extremes with planks that take aim at big business, tenure, child sexualization and porn in schools, gender identity as mental disorder and recreational pot with pitch for secession vote and crimes for public officials who don't do job right. more

@GregAbbott_TX Twitter video shows anti-Beto O'Rourke emergency vehicle at GOP state convention in Houston.


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