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@Dan Patrick and Sen. Brandon Creighton on impeachment

Leader team leaves ex-Paxton aides high and dry after heroic portrayals in latest unintended consequence after snubbing settlement request and spending money on legendary lawyers and other impeachment bills instead.


Phelan, Murr and Leach and other GOP colleagues who voted to impeach could get initial gauge of survival odds when they pass hat at event that gives donors chance to get on hit list for reckoning.


@GregAbbottTX at private Christian schools game September 23

Ex-GOP rep who's speaker ally says verdict no surprise before explaining in op-ed why he'd never been so dumbfounded amid belated recognition of obvious in rescue ride with broken-record Sam Houston quotes, Peanuts analogy and claim on God taking sides.


@Dade Phelan and @KHancock4TX tout AG jury conspiracy

GOP solon fuels suspicion on mysterious overnight shift by some Senate colleagues without evidence as Phelan acknowledges that he failed to read tea leaves on impeachment ending despite warning signs that Capitol Inside articulated days before verdict.


@DallasMayor Eric Johnson speaks September 5 before party flip

AG beats GOP speaker to punch in welcome posts on conversion at a time when middle ground is gone in party where all elected leaders have with exception of governor who takes safer silent path.


Newspaper buries lead in pitch for ban on burner apps and emails as open records loophole that trial exposes before line on Lois Kolkhorst set to speak at lunch for journalists who could use it to examine why and how they missed real story.

@KenPaxtonTX talks trial @DanaLoeschRadio September 20


@JohnCornyn meets with Killeen ISD official September 19

AG who would have been re-election candidate at best in 2026 testing waters now for U.S. Senate and possible bid for top state job with name ID that skyrocketed with failed impeachment that spawns day of reckoning revenge list.





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