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Voter Bill Revenge and Other Moves from Right Go Down in Budget Fight
School choice bombs in House debate as Dems derail amendments on elections, transgender kids and critical theory

Senate Backs Health Crisis Reserves
with State's Own Version of the CDC

Bill with $60M price tag gets unanimous vote as way to wean Texas off Fauci with pandemic response force at UT med.

GOP Leaders Jumped Gun on Guns
as Texas Party Priorities Flounder

West blames Patrick for no-permit pistol stall after premature celebration with declarations of history making.

Texas Actor Has Best Odds as Dem
with Reagan and Arnold as Models

Poll shows McConaughey up 12 on Abbott with partisan status mystery like Schwarzenegger's had been.

Soccer Mom Spotlights Rich White
Women Injustices in Mask Stunt

Lake Travis school board candidate makes speech to police on messing with her liberty before assault charge.

Texas House Has Bipartisan Solution
as Medicaid Ruling Mischaraterized
Seven Republicans signed on to bill that would prevent loss of billions in federal funds from flawed Trump review.

Lone GOP Vote Against Gun Bill
Could Be Cry for Help in Blue Turf

Democrats number one target in 2022 risks wrath of NRA for survival sake after breaking ranks on no permit plan.

House No Guarantee on Vote Limits
and Other Hot Button Partisan Bills
Election integrity, transgender sports and local lobby ban could find lower chamber disposal for partisan theme plans.

Governor Takes Aim at Cartels New
War on Drugs that Spawned Them

Abbott demands Biden action that he never requested from Trump after House backs guns for domestic terrorists.

Senate Goes Off Script in Bipartisan
Vote for Police Defunding Payback
Democrats take sting out of Back the Blue with votes for plan that's based on singular example that's distorted.

Senate Seeks Seat at Pandemic
Decision Table in Bipartisan Vote
Package that voters would decide could still face veto as senators back power sharing package on 30-1 vote.

Patrick Hails Votes on Minor Bills
as Proof of Senate Unity on Voting
Senators vote on party lines for bills that target the dead, immigrants and people who want to vote in the mail.

Abbott and GOP Lawmakers Could
Clash on Federal Stimulus Bonus
Gov could be cut out of decision process on massive infusion that Democrats in D.C. passed as covid assistance.

Hailey's Comment: Medicaid Expansion
Knocked Down But Not Out with House Bill
in Wings with Better Odds than Amendment
House shoots down state budget revision 80-68 with one Republican breaking ranks and eight more potential GOP swing votes on separate plan.

Senate Rookie Blazes New Frontier
as Producer and Star of Film He Shoots
in Bid to Make Cannabis Legal in Texas

Gutierrez documentary has budget on par with El Mariachi in movie debut with novel strategy for pitch on industry that would be economic boon.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings in wake of failed coup as lobbyists fight to adapt to first session in global pandemic.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad

Broadband Titans Battle
and New Speaker Cash

All But Unbelievable Swings to Red
at Top of 2020 Ticket Could Put Targets
on Two Border Districts in Texas House
Trump wins by same exact double-digit margin that Clinton scored in one Democratic district while beating Biden easily in second up Rio Grande.

Texas Democrats Have Shots at Nine
GOP Seats in House and Two in Senate
in Districts Joe Biden Won in 2020
Hancock split with Patrick may be re-election move in area Trump almost lost as Paxton and Huffman at risk in districts president carried by four.

Locals Shine on Texas
Corona Stars & Slackers
Team for Crazy 2020

Houston ends year as model that state failed to be thanks to co-MVPs on Texas 2020 all-star team.

Freedom Crashers
Caucus Makes Mark

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Lawmaker Beats Low
Odds in Suburbs Gone Blue

Blue wave that box score fails to reflect pushes Button to brink in survival quest as only Texas candidate on awards list.

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