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Armstrong Gives State Senate Race
Competition in Wake of Taylor Exit
Middleton won't have clear path after elbowing senator out with ex-party officer with Abbott and Trump ties as foe.

Powerful GOP Senator Decided
Against Fight after Rep's Warning
Taylor was gearing for 2022 before Middleton took aim with $5 million starting budget and vow to scream RINO.

Middleton Hits Ground Running
Before Taylor Announces Exit
Timing of two events raises specter of coordinated passing torch as GOP state has inside track with wealth.

GOP Challengers Run Way to Right
on Riot, Critical Race and Porno
Spiller foe wouldn't be able to serve with felony verdict as insurrectionist as primary features far out cast.

Poll Shows Actor Could Be Gov
and Why He Probably Will Not
McConaughey would beat Abbott by more than incumbent leads O'Rourke in duels that aren't likely in two-party vote.

GOP Leaders Pony Up Public Funds
for Audit to Keep Trump Off Backs
Abbott seeks and receives special outlay to set up new division in SOS with House speaker assist after Mar-a-Lago heat.

Beto Has Better Odds for President
than Abbott Despite Gov Texas Lead
Democrat who gave Cruz scare sets sights on governor as most well known contender who's longshot at start.

Gov May Have Fox Guarding Hens
with Criminal School Porn Probe
All books that Texas district singles out with explicit sex passages were approved by agency investigating for Abbott.

Abbott Taps Texas Education Chief
to Lead Criminal Probe into Porno
Governor takes shot at school boards amid wild claims while ordering inquiry that TEA isn't equipped to undertake.

Worldwide Evangelist Backs West
as Gohmert Eyes AG Campaign
$1 million in 10 days could give Trump loving Texas Rep incentive for giving up safe seat for statewide race.

Dems in D.C. Come to Texas Rescue
with Massive Windfall GOP Opposed
State getting $35 billion for infrastructure that's neglected and ailing as right wing gets new 4th special session hook.

State Fighting Veterans on Delta-8
at Courthouse as Gov Woos Them
Abbott invites vets to rally at Capitol after local shop and VFW get injunction in judicial battle with DSHS.

GOP Hispanic Gains May Be Mirage
as Poll Sees Biden as Dem Baggage
Trump almost as unpopular among all Texans as Dem who ousted him while Abbott Latino ratings falling.

Cruz Envisions Secession with Plan
to Steal NASA and Military from U.S.
Senator gives Packers QA vaccine adviser plug as possible president with speech that leaves door open to break.

Hailey's Comment: Warfare Erupts
on Far Right in Texas GOP with Senate
Race as Flash Point and TLR in Mix
AG endorses Armstrong in fight with Middleton who's Patrick candidate after top PAC turns against longtime Senate ally in epic power play.

Legislature & Statewide Lineups
Amid Uprising on Far Right with
RINOs in House Primary Sights
Klick faces fire on gender mod ban kills while Gio foe decries bipartisanship and new Clardy rival opens critical race theory wounds.

Texas Special Session All-Stars
Did Proactive Damage Control
from Maps to Manufactured Issues

Redistricting chairs made job look easy, House Dems get salute while speaker goes from lightweight to lion in final weeks.

Best of the Texas Regular Session
Found Ways to Rise Above Crazy

Texas Governor Has Lower Odds
in Vegas for 2024 than Beto, AOC,
Fox News Host, Kanye and the Rock

Abbott tied with Hillary, Bernie and George P. for 28th best chance to be next president with $1,000 bet on GOP gov paying 100 grand.

Texas Congress and Senate Maps
Flunk Test at Princeton University
While House Plan Gets C Grade

One out of three not bad for Legislature as upper chamber Republicans take page from liberal Democrats in Oregon.

Texas Legislature Power Rankings:
Bonnen Brothers Running Chamber
Vicariously through Speaker

Ex-leader's sibling and top ally have most clout in Phelan House where Democrats have key roles unlike the Senate.

Patrick Gives White Republicans
Muscle Monopoly in Senate that No
Longer Reflects State in Sway Tally

Hughes shines, Schwertner soars, key ally dips and token Dem swing vote gets snub on budget conference team.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings in wake of failed coup as lobbyists fight to adapt to first session in global pandemic.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad
in Austin Lobbyist Trade
Davis Kaufman
Grace & Mcewan


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