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Governor Gives GOP Push Back
Hope on Riot Complicity Claims
Police budget cuts payback plan could be slam dunk as mitigating issue for Trump ties damage.

Paxton Counters Unity Call
with Prophesy on Biden Mafia
Futuristic White House corruption portrayal and farm boss waffle early Trump withdrawal symptoms.

Trump Exit Sets Republicans
Free as Party Lost in Space
Biden takes oath in liberating move for GOP lawmakers who can come out of bunkers amid state chair babble.

Trump Terrorists Mad on Falling
for Con and Being Abandoned
Militant Republicans brand ex-leader as failure who used them as puppets in new revolution hoax.

Governor Faces Epic Backlash
for Rant as Texas Cop Charged
Abbott braces as vetting that piqued wrath pays off while Back to Blue exposed by insurrection.

Casino Mogul Death Bed Cash
Gives Texas Strategy Glimpse
Contrast in size of Abbott and Phelan contributions shows where lobby blitz needs to focus most.

Abbott Blasts Pentagon and FBI
for Tightened Security in D.C.
Texas gov may have next Jade Helm with threat to withhold future help as hurt troops feelings revenge.

GOP Lawmakers Cut and Run Before State Capitol Shuttered
There will be no new Alamo to remember for Republicans who wisely vote to vanish amid mob threat.

Patrick Cuts Dem Chairs to One
in Senate Committee Shuffle
Huffman and Hinojosa head to remap panel, Bettencourt gets new plum and Abbott covid critic left in cold.

Hard Right Bombs in House
with Phelan Team in Charge
Conservatives outnumbered more than ever in failed bids to capitalize on mask furor and partisan divide.

State Seeks to Stall on Medicaid
Expansion for Another Decade
Texas stands to lose billions amid push for extended waiver and GOP posturing on Obamacare.

House Kills Media Payback Move
that's Free Advertising for Ally
Establishment Republicans defuse attack on fake news as thinly-veiled plug for ex-lawmaker business.

Hailey's Comment: Austin Police Arrests Double-Edge Sword for Governor
Video that's been under wraps could be key to Abbott plan success as potential fodder in budget cuts payback push.

Locals Shine on Texas
Corona Stars & Slackers
Team for Crazy 2020

Houston ends year as model that state failed to be thanks to co-MVPs on Texas 2020 all-star team.

Freedom Crashers
Caucus Makes Mark
with Clown Show

Some Texans junked science in favor of milking of crisis for political gain.

Top Texas Pollster Gave GOP
Powers that Be Map for New
Frontier in State House Battle
Most valuable political pro in state showed big donors that majority could be saved in face of major blue wave threat.

Phelan on Track for Victory
in Texas House Gavel Battle after Morrison Folds Bid

Departing leader's hand-picked choice for speaker appears to lock down job after Morrison folds after last-minute restart.

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Establishment Quartet
Comes through Big in Clutch

Abbott and big-giving ally groups save GOP gone mad from itself with show of might in final month on Texas House battlefield.

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Lawmaker Beats Low
Odds in Suburbs Gone Blue

Blue wave that box score fails to reflect pushes Button to brink in survival quest as only Texas candidate on awards list.

Lobby Rankings Reflect
Bonnen and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

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