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@JohnMcQueeneyTX pushes @GregAbbott_TX runoff mark to 6-5

Sour grapes fly in Austin as attorney general still seething from impeachment claims Phelan cheated by luring Democrats to GOP polls in OT in state that's had open primaries for two decades under Republican rule. more


@CoveyTX touts Trump, Patrick, Paxton and Miller support on May 28

Speaker survives in stinging blow to Trump, Patrick, Paxton and entire far right that prounounced him dead as Abbott posts mixed record in OT while Stucky, Klick, Frazier, Burns, Kuempel and Holland bite dust. more


Conservative who's been quietly organizing bloc for impact unleashes scalding appraisal of Phelan and allies in Paxton ordeal on anniversary of vote and day before overtime election that could relegate House leader to lameduck status. more

@ShelbySlawson (5th from left) with House colleagues in SA May 23


@KatrinaPierson gets pitch for runoff from @GregAbbott_TX on May 24

Platform wants special session to prevent ballot box heist amid indifference on latest cold shoulder from governor who has excuse for no show this time. more


Guiding document for 2024 would reward AG with broad new powers while handcuffing House speaker and taking aim at Ukraine aid, political correctness and dereliction of duties that would be a new crime. more

@MQSullivan and abrahamgeorge at GOP Convention on May 25


@abrahamgeorge gets pitch from @KenPaxtonTX for chair May 24

Ex-local party chief who lost to state rep Abbott rescued after impeachment vote bounces back with victory over TFRW veteran in confab runoff in development that sparks moral outcry. more


TNM claims on taking over state convention fall short with vote that isn't close before delegates relegate gun rights to second tier in strange vote on motion to replace school choice with Second Amendment protections on wish list for legislators. more

@KenPaxtonTX unveils video at Texas GOP Convention May 23


Texas GOP Convention stage for general session on Saturday May 24

State party committee adds wagering on sporting events to permanent report that's almost twice as long as 2022 wish list for Texas lawmakers to pursue despite fantasy coalition sponsorship , more


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