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State GOP Chief Threatens to Use
Powers He Doesn't Have to Kill Bill
West decries deranged totalitarians in Congress with fantasy nullification vow on voter rights measure.

Noem May Be Messing with Texas
Gov by Passing Hat with Enemy
SD governor's campaign swings back to Texas with Allen West reunion that Abbott could find offensive.

Biden Slams Abbott Neanderthal
Maneuvering on Pandemic Masks
Gov faces backlash after surprise call without advice from doctors or legislators on mask rule elimination.

Mask Order Ending Could Be Decoy
after Abbott CPAC Loss to Romney
Governor makes splash in city with 6th worst covid record in nation in move that may be red herring.

Freshman Republican Makes Fun
of Homeless in New Bathroom Bill
Lawmaker whose debut agenda includes solar decommission plan eclipses sexy cheerleader bill for absurdity.

PUC Chair Says Legislature
Shares Blame in Sacrifice Offer
Abbott appointee bows to Patrick with parting shots at industry, RRC and lawmakers for keeping heads in sand.

Patrick Runs Risk of War with Gov
with Call for PUC Appointee Head
Resignation demand is audacious move that Abbott may see as personal affront as blame game leads to him.

Trump Upstaged in Grand Return
with Shallow Support in CPAC Poll
Almost half of activists in Orlando favor others in 2024 as bid to reassert control backfires with DeSantis on rise.

Paxton Could Have One-Two
Punch with Probe and Golf Pal
Photo with Trump at links could be worth million words with Abbott as ultimate target in power crash inquiry.

ERCOT in Red Ink after Crash
with Texas Industry in Chaos
Lawmakers discover damage from disaster much worse than feared with grid deficit larger than state's.

Patrick Balks on Back the Blue
after Pre-2020 Election Promises
Relegation of police defunding to low-tier priority with APD takeover snub might not sit well with cops.

Abbott Gives PUC Blame Game
Pass on Texas Power Debacle
Regulators who gov appointed skate on culpability for disaster amid threat of extended legislative session.

Hailey's Comment: Abbott Cancels
Culture He Helped Build with Mask Law
as His Single Greatest Achievement
Governor fails to grasp historic significance of mandate in move that gambles constituents lives to appease right wingers who mocked him.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade in coup wake on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad

Broadband Titans Battle
and New Speaker Cash

Ex-Governor and Energy Secretary
Gives Tips to Other States on How
to Prevent Disasters Like the Freeze

Rick Perry explains in Fox News op-ed how Barack Obama policy trumps Biden by mixing clean energy and fossil fuels with pitch for fed cooperation.

Locals Shine on Texas
Corona Stars & Slackers
Team for Crazy 2020

Houston ends year as model that state failed to be thanks to co-MVPs on Texas 2020 all-star team.

Freedom Crashers
Caucus Makes Mark

Top Texas Pollster Gave GOP
Powers that Be Map for New
Frontier in State House Battle
Most valuable political pro in state showed big donors that majority could be saved in face of major blue wave threat.

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Establishment Quartet
Comes through Big in Clutch

Abbott and deep pocket allies save GOP
from itself with show of might in final
month on Texas House battlefield.

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Lawmaker Beats Low
Odds in Suburbs Gone Blue

Blue wave that box score fails to reflect pushes Button to brink in survival quest as only Texas candidate on awards list.

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