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AFP and Libre Initiative Twitter photos

Lieutenant governor takes belated lead in push to have state's highest criminal court with GOP monopoly reverse itself in separation of powers case that centers on alleged campaign reporting violations by Black Dem DA who AG tried to prosecute independent of cooperation with local prosecutors. more

State rep and ex-senator express surprise and outrage over weekend plugs from pro-amnesty group without mentioning Americans for Prosperity that Koch family controls. more


Governor Greg Abbott speaks in Parker County Jan. 20 before Lewisville event. Gov. Abbott Facebook Photo


Speaker Dade Phelan in Houston on January 8. Phelan Facebook Photo


Anti-gay marriage crusader faces ex-elections official in primary feud as local lawyer rebounds from House race with ascension to helm of group with leader accused of plotting Jan 6 attack. more

Hood County Clerk Katie Lang, Ex-Texas House candidate Kellye SoRelle and Oath Keepers chief Stewart Rhodes. Lang and SoRelle campaign photos. Rhodes photo Department of Justice


Trump Jr. taking freedom tour to Houston. Texas GOP Photo.

Trump fans on far right forced to make choice between father and son events if time is limited with ex-president rally set for same day as freedom tour in city Joe Biden won by big margin. more

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