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GOP Boss Condemns SA Council
on Call State Agency Will Make

Patrick makes Alamo statue shuffle pitch to THC in video as West shoots at mob in wrong direction.

Abbott Embraces Metric Experts
Saw as Archaic in 1918 Crisis

Governor appears to junk testing positivity in favor of hospital data amid mild Texas reopening restart.

Abbott Taps into New National
Theme with APD Takeover Plan

Governor takes page from segregation forces with anti-budget cuts pledge for police departments.

State Shows Virus Going Up
and Down in Separate Places

Patrick announces reopening phase for Abbott with worthless Texas numbers all over map.

Abbott Accelerated Reopening
as Rate Was Starting Sky Spike

Testing positivity was dramatically worse in Texas than claimed before false alarms in August.

GOP Lawmaker's Health Crisis
Could Change Vote Dynamics

Congress rookie fighting cancer as unexpected boost that levels playing field in Dems favor in DFW.

Abbott Moved Swiftly to Meet
Big Donors Demands Halfway

Big money Republicans got fast results on one request and spurned by governor on the other.

Biden Picks Up Point in Texas
Dead Heat that's Against Grain

Firm that came closest in 2016 finds dead heat here despite Trump gains in some battleground states.

GOP Boss Targets Christian Vote
at Church Where Suspect Worked

West plans to rally religious vote at worship house with ex-youth pastor charged with child sex trafficking.

Lubbock May Be First in Nation
with Astronomical Positivity Rate

Baptists might rethink second of three football games as major metric eclipses 88% in TTU land.

Most Texas Cities in Danger Zone
on Rate that's Major Virus Gauge

Almost all major counties fail 5% positivity tests that soars in some areas as schools reopen.

Texas Dems Get Massive Break
with GOP Libertarian Fumbling

SC spurning caps off legal hully gully that boosts enemy odds in swing races after chair bows out.

Texas Power Conference Schools
Set for Football Amid Outbreaks

Record spikes in two major college towns puts season on fragile field with college kickoff one week away.

Governor Keeps Fingerprints Off
College Football Fan Rollbacks

Big Texas schools give Abbott cover by deciding on their own to limit crowds to half of June order.

Shelley Luther Fuels Ups
with Megadonor Boost
in High Class Campaign

Million dollar loan from Dunn seals lockdown rebel's bond with hard right as fans decry Springer ties to Ryan.

Texas DSHS Tracking
Johns Hopkins University

New York Times COVID-19

Texas Up for Grabs at Top
of Ticket Despite Slight Trump Oddsmakers Edge

House forecast scaled back to mere 15 blue flips in state that won't matter in fall with Biden consensus winner pick.

Battle for the Gavel:
Texas House Races
to Watch Fundraising

Democrats take slight early edge in 20 hottest fights with majority on the line in pandemic that's been great equalizer so far.

Best of Texas Runoff:
Democrat Makes Most
of Break with Protests

Target race Dem seizes on novel opportunity with huge leap from behind in OT.

Texas Dem Bounces Back
in Fight Against Machine
in Senate Overtime Bout

Establishment Deals Tea Party All-Time Setback
with Donor In-Law Defeat

2020 Swing Race Ratings
General Election Polling
General Election Lineups

August Arrives in March as GOP
Nominee Claims Textbook Win

Midland loses Congress seat in battle that looked OT bound.
Dallas Dem Bounces Back Big
in Top Target Texas House Race

Cattanach eases near-miss pain with stellar primary showing.
The Other Jim Wright Stuns
Goliath in Unbelievable Upset

RRC hopeful sparks Dem speaker visions with incumbent ouster.
Veteran Lawmaker Weathers
Progressive Round One Storm

Cuellar overcomes Trump favorite Dem tag in fight with AOC recruit.

Lobby Rankings Reflect
Bonnen and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

Davis Kaufman
Grace & Mcewan