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Abbott sets himself up for social media mockery with enlistment of aging Trump loyalist Chuck Norris for PSA that gives cover for special session snub with actor riding high after plug from Hungarian autocratic ruler at CPAC. more

Chuck Norris public service announcement August 16


@DanPatrick Twitter video of Fox News interview on migrants August 15

TV crew and police in Republican bastions of Tennessee and Georgia spot drivers letting passengers from Lone Star State deboard with exception of one group that sheriff persuades to get back on bus and go. more


@BetoORourke Twitter photo of Collin County event August 13


Allen West video on Rumble August 13 on Mar-a-Lago search

Texas voters express overwhelming support for full-scale marijuana industry that Republicans block as Democrat pulls even with Paxton and Abbott gets good marks for border schemes in survey that omits key details that would change results. more


Conservative group survey finds seismic realignment of Hispanic electorate with tie on generic Congress ballot and Republicans up by 2 points in partisan identification and only 3 behind in the south where trio of seats on line. more

@GregAbbott_TX Twitter photo at Dallas private school August 11


Becca Moyer DeFelice, Melisa Denis and Liz Ginsberg Twitter and Facebook photos as House underdogs with six-figure fundraising

GOP nominees rake in five times more than Democrats with $9 million haul in top 20 west wing races to watch as white male Republicans have majority among ten best fundraisers who all represent Texas majority party. more


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