House Hopeful Seeks to Smoke
GOP Lawmaker Out on Pot Posts

High-Profile Religious Leader
Joins Revolt Against Speaker

Half of State Lawmakers Here
Getting Their Christmas Wish

Texas Democrats Shower GOP
Leaders with Christmas Jeer

Ex-Lawmaker Fires Christmas
Holiday Salvo at GOP Nemesis

AG Steers Clear of Veto Clash
Opinion that Patrick Seizes On

MQS Team Portrays Ken Paxton
as Villain for Defending the TEC

Patrick Plays Santa with Panel
Plums as Doghouse Stay Ends

Texas Democrats Gov Critique
Falls Short of the Full Picture

Ex-Local Party Boss Picks Fight
with House Dem Out on Bond

Texas Democrats Brace for 11th
Hour Campaign Filing Surprises

GOP Lawmaker Who'd Been
APF Video Target Draws Foe

King Rebounds from Depression
Bout in Time for Senate Contest

Texas House Leadership Battle
Could Spill into RRC Showdown

Patrick Not Letting Concerns
of DPS Distract from Ripping

Combat Veteran Sets Sights
on Straus Ally in House Battle

Rick Green Revival Could Give
Court Battle Brawler Potential

House Dem Appears Poised
for Second Shot at Senate

Highest Grades More Elusive
on Young Conservatives Card

Secession Push that Fizzled
Could Have Hit Straus Team

Ted Cruz Moves into Second
as Don Trump Widens Lead

Valley House Dems Face Foes
that Pose Unique Challenges

Capitol Tactics Dispute Prompts
Coach to Turn Against Sponsor

Dan Patrick Advisor and Friend
Heading for Exit at Statehouse

Texas Senate District Proves
No Country for Old Friends

Speaker Politics Fuel Hottest
Primary Fight Card in History

SA Iceman's Sister Cometh
to Open Texas House Race

Speaker Hires Ex-Lawmaker
Who'd Been Partisan Convert

Super PAC Touts Perry Revival
Despite Poor Showing Initially

Texas Tax Fight SOS Could
Be Omen for Special Session

Ex-Texas Legislators Seek
Ticket Back at Record Rate

GOP Judge Sets Furor Stage
with Dem Lawmaker Sentence

House Hearing Could Trigger
Holiday Tension in GOP Ranks

Farm Chief Rattles Democrats
with Syrian Snakebite Analogy

Local Feud Goes Statewide
as Paxton Judge Takes Aim

State Senator Seeks Opinion
on Refugee Funding Strings

Dems Primary Action Won't
Include Lucio Baton Passing

Fantasy Sports Gamers Have
Texas Deck Stacked Against

Lawmaker Puts Bid on Hold
Amid Bout with Depression

Open Carry Crusader Takes
One for Team in SD 24 Fight

OU Faithful Raise the Specter
of Conference Politics Battle

Unforeseen Retirement Plans
Spark U.S. House Jockeying

Private School in GOP Haven
Says No to Campus Carry Plan

Texans Like Governor Most
as Arrow Points Up on Cruz

Governor Leaves Door Open
Despite Gambling Hard Line

Farm Boss Fee Plan Sparks
Bipartisan Howling at Capitol

Austin Events Pose No Threat
to Texas Capitol Pro-Gun Push

Entrepreneur Set to Reveal Past
as Secret Agent in CD 25 Quest

Cruz Hopes to Reinvent New
Version of Texas Strike Force

Activist Who'd Been Riddle Ally
Taking Aim Now Instead in 2016

Turner Escapes Sleeping Giant
Wake Up Call in Mayoral Runoff

Texas Dems May Have New Star
with Judge in Austin Shooting

Democrats Could Have Multiple
House Battlefield Challengers

Landowners Endorse New Rules
as Showdown on Deer Escalates

Dem Family Feuding Gives GOP
Signature Runoff Win Potential

Anti-Straus Forces on Track
for Record Recruiting Effort

GOP Leader and Dem Senator's
Brother Advance in House Fight

Collin GOP Lawmakers Take
Edge Off Scorecard Sword

Deer Breeders Locking Horns
with State in Ferocious Feud

State Tax Relief Crusaders Fear
Case of Mistaken Ballot Identity

State Auditor Heading for Exit
after Career with Major Impact

Cruz Posts Juggernaut Numbers
in First Post-Boulder Debate Poll

Joe Straus Foe Decries Inaction
in PP Body Part Peddling Furor

Simpson Backs Special Session
Action on Sanctuary Cities Ban

Verbal Warfare Could Prompt
Special Session Push on Right

Freshman Senator Spurns Cruz
Despite Patrick Role with Texan

Ted Cruz Makes Dan Patrick
Hatchet Burial Official Again

Ex-SBOE Member with Prime
Time Connections Emerges

Ken Paxton Takes Feds to Court
Day after Duty Shirking Claims

Dan Patrick Directive Could Be
Death Knell for Franchise Tax

Clandestine Attack Site Fires
Torpedoes at Two Straus Foes

Video Provides Recruiting Bait
But May Not Slow Ladder Rise

RRC Chief Joins Small League
By Pitching Support to Ted Cruz

Video Embarrasses But Falls
Short in Central Objective

Texas House Republicans Find
Fins to the Right with Warnings

Nevada Fantasy Sports Betting
Ban Could Have Texas Impact

Colt McCoy's Father Surfaces
in Political Race Speculation

\MQS Group Poll Finds Strong
Support on Hot Button Issues

GOP Lawmaker Dodges Bullet
as EX-SBOE Member Drops Bid

RRC Challenger's Lobbyist Job
Will Be Target for Porter Team

RRC Challenger's Lobbyist Job
Will Be Target for Porter Team

RRC Chief Faces Primary Foe
with Family Regulatory History

Houston Dem Primary Battle
May Be Generational Struggle

Line Gets Fuzzier as Several
Straus Allies Back Challenger

Perry Pitching Tech Product
in Venture with Ex-Staffers

Patrick Gives Speaker Allies
Cause to Howl with Gala Date

Turner Lacks Fans Across Aisle
in Close Mayor Race with Garcia

Latest Map Court Battle Creates
Most Bizarre Texas Bedfellows

Fifty State Lamakers Passing
Plate at Texas-OU Weekend

Stickland Warning Proves True
as GOP Primary Foe Emerges

Suburban School Board Boss
Enters Houston House Contest

CD 19 List Features Incumbent
Critic and Bomber Wing Boss

Collin Dem Targeting Millenials
in House Race in GOP Territory

Lawmakers Could Enter Game
in Wake of Attack on Referee

State Lawmaker Name Surfaces
in DA Replacement Conjecture

House Dem Video Hit Plays Like
Bad Skit on Saturday Night Live

Open State House Primary
Races Have High OT Odds

Abbott Declares War on Texas
Traffic Jams with New Directive

New Texas Sports Boss Gives
Burnt Orange Light Blue Shade

Local GOP Club Founder Could
Throw Curve into House Battle

Hill Country Mecca Could Have
Two Seats after Long Drought

Hotze Support Bolsters Mayes
Claim as Leading Conservative

GOP White House Shootout May
Have Down-Ballot Texas Fallout

Tea Party Rookie Facing Rival
with GOP Establishment Muscle

Ex-Joe Straus Ally Takes Shot
at GOP Moderates in Rematch

Straus Ally Could Start Trend
with Ted Cruz Endorsement

Stickland Prevails in Power Play
on Legislation Support Scheme

Some Joe Straus Allies May
Be Seeing Double by Design

Latest Paxton Team Sets Stage
for Duel with Former Kinky Fans

Dallas House Challenger Trio
Not All Wearing D on Sleeves

Good Cause No Foul Raffles
Plan Moves to Voters Court

Tea Party Rookie Hosting Event
in Outgoing Colleague's District

TLR Buries Hatchet with Pitch
for Trial Lawyer in Senate Bid

Texas Cops Hope State Leaders
Respect Rhetoric Not Just Sugar

Casino Firms that Own Tracks
Could Enjoy Spoils of Defeat

Senator Runs Risk of Payback
for Trip Out on Limb in SD 1

Ex-SBOE Hard-Right Darling
Takes Shot at Straus Loyalist

Anti-Straus Donor Portrays AG
as Victim of House Coalition

Ken Paxton Puts Views on Gays
and Torts Aside in Lawyer Hunt

State Farm Boss Social Media
Stock Soars Amid Post Fallout

Abbott Revives War on Abortion
with Package PP Vows to Fight

AG Hearing Features Sideshow
with Lawyers Stealing Spotlight

Comptroller Brings Texas AG
into Spending Vetoes Dispute

Greg Abbott Could Hold Keys
to Crisis Brewing on Racing

King Senate Contest Jump
Could Start Domino Tumble

Speaker Team Flexing Muscle
at Texas-OU Weekend Event

Texans Only Footnotes in Polls
in States with First 2 Elections

Ex-Sanchez Backer Behind Poll
that Shows AG Popularity Dive

Gangsta Rap Film Rekindles
Senate Crusade Flop Visions

Susan King Would Be Royal
Wrench in State Senate Fight

Army Guard General Could
Ride to Rescue in SD 1 Fight

Trump Tops Home State Pair's
Total in New Texas GOP Poll

Tea Party Rookies Could Feel
Heat from Different Directions

Federal Court Ruins GOP Claims
on Victory in Redistricting Fight

Senator Disputes Recruiting
Conjecture as Revenge Fiction

Hughes Lands Trophy Supporter
with Patrick Appearance on Tap

Don Trump Immigration Plan
is Old News to the Texas GOP

Texas Dems Say AG Case in PA
Shows Lack of Guts on Paxton

Open Carry Boss Touts Agenda
with More Than Signature Issue

Rematch No Guarantee in 2016
with Democrat Duel in Primary

Tangled Web May Be in Making
with Ex-Speaker Ally as Subplot

Ted Cruz Rides Post-Debate
Surge to Second in GOP Field

Democrat's Sudden Departure
Could Help Family Hold Seat

Ex-Lawmaker Takes the Torch
from Kid in Family Feud Rivalry

Lawmaker's Police Stop Critique
Has Rival Groups on Same Page

Court Torpedo on Voter ID Law
May Spark Special Session Call

Paxton Case Politics Drives
Wedge Deeper in Texas GOP

Debate Snub Puts Rick Perry
Master of Disaster Lore to Rest

Think Tank Advisor Takes Aim
at Speaker Team Republican

Ken Paxton Crime Saga Fuels
Tangled Web Amid Spin War

Straus Team Antagonist Gears
for August Moneybomb Sequel

Paxton Saga Test Case for New
Texas Corruption Fighting Law

AG Joins List of Texas Officials
to Face Formal Criminal Raps

Speaker Could Lose Key Ally
if Denton Republican Bows Out

Rubber Match May Be in Making
for House Seat Tea Party Holds

State GOP Chief Wants Group
to Halt Texas Political Activities

Abbott Pushes Envelope to New
Extreme with Spending Vetoes

Optometrist Eyes House Seat
that Dems May See in Reach

Ex-Straus Donor Predicts Win
as Toughest Home Turf Foe Yet

Governor Sheds Constitutional
Purist Image with Budget Hits

Original Contender in SD 24
Has Early Favorite Potential

GOP Legislative Leaders Not
on Same Page in Vetoes Saga

Texas Eagle Forum Sets Higher
Bar on Conservative Scorecard

State Budget Veto Clash Puts
Governor in No-Lose Position

Patrick Rips LBB Vetoes Stance
with Call for Agencies Inquiry

Texas House Republicans Raise
Nearly $2.5 Million in Nine Days

Texas House Republicans Raise
Nearly $2.5 Million in Nine Days

Open Carry Crusader Pops Up
in Name Game on Senate Race

Senate GOP Contenders Have
Trial Lawyer and Personal Cash

Texas House $100,000 Club Has
Six Charter Members for 2016

Texas GOP Chairman Goes
Nuclear with Personal Touch

Republican Faces Balancing Act
on Residency in Senate Quest

Texan Ted Cruz Soars to Third
with Liberal Media Springboard

Dan Patrick Keeps Trend Alive
with Record Early Money Totals

Facebook Tax Break Critique
Triggers GOP Verbal Warring

High-Ranking Jurists with Abbott
Ties Surface in AG Speculation

Simpson Protests State Leaders
Gay Spouse Benefits Kowtowing

House Dem's Departure Plans
Give Trial Lawyer Foes Hope

Mayor Launches House Race
in Potential Regional Rivalry

Cruz Touts Cash for Momentum
Image as Crucial Debate Ticket

County Official Steals Thunder
from Husband's State House Bid

Texas House Budget Boss Derby
Has Favorites and Dark Horses

Speaker Gets Reprieve as Bell
Targets Supreme Court Judges

Tea Party Divorce with Patrick
Rare Opportunity Squandered

Simpson Beefs Up War Chest
as Self-Styled Insider Target

Don't Confuse the Hood County
Clerk Katie Lang with k.d. lang

Paxton Lawyer Was Partner
with Major Democratic Donor

SC Judge and Ex-State Officials
Surface in AG Pick Speculation

House Speaker Battle Could Be
Stage for Venting on Dead Bill

High Court Moves Could Spark
Nullification Push Resurrection

DNC Pulls Plug on Two-Step
to Texas Party Chiefs Dismay

GOP Leaders Created Defiance
Appearance as Political Stroke

State Legislators Raising Cash
Earlier than Normal This Year

Lawmaker Wants Government
to Get Out of Marriage Business

AG Gives Locals Green Light
to Ignore Gay Marriage Ruling

GOP Fight Shapes Up Overnight
in Light of Unforeseen Opening

Patrick Opinion Request Could
Be Stalling Tactic on SC Ruling

Consultant Heads for PAC Exit
after Major Lobby Emergence

Race Issue Revival Could Be
Coming to the Texas Capitol

Patrick Slams Texas Monthly
for Insulting Senator Critiques

Scorecard Mirrors Speaker Vote
and A-Team at Top and Bottom

Abbott Kills Democrats Bills as
Sacrificial Tea Party Offering

Cortez Raises Cash for Rematch
as GOP Opens Fire from Austin

MQS Ratings Reaffirm Senate
Image as Conservative Haven

Abbott Vows Ethics Push Revival
with Angry Words on Dead Bills

Governor Under Fire for Veto
that Defied Green Light Trend

Abbott Buries Facility Projects
with Line-Item Budget Vetoes

Democrats and Ethics Reform
Feel Sting of Abbott Red Ped

Supreme Court Suggests Abbott
Fumbled Gay Divorce in Old Job

Abbott Kills Bill Big Oil Backed
as Veto Deadline Approaches

Obama Gun Bashing Backfires
with Rick Perry Oops Sequel

State Lawmaker Legend Grows
with House Bill Passing Record

Some Business Forces Envision
Hilderbran Resurrection in 2016

SA Leader Who's Winemaker
Eyes Open State Senate Race

Keffer Joining Straus Lieutenant
Parade to Lower Chamber Exit

House Candidates May Be Gold
with Midas Touch Houston-Style

Patrick Not Buying CNN Anchor
Apologies on Dallas PD Attack

Senate Choices Only Causing
Double Vision on the Surface

Eltife Departure Could Trigger
Fight with House Conservatives

House Democrat Could Get Shot
to Fill Father's Shoes in Senate

Ted Cruz West Texas Director
Courted for Open Senate Race

Capitol Punishment Was Fairly
Mild in 2015 Regular Session

Dems Rekindle Bad Memories
with Abortion Ruling War Talk

Conservatives Revive Abortion
Pressure Push on Gay Wedlock

House GOP Pair May Be Playing
Offense and Defense in Primary

Ex-State Lawmaker Surfaces
in Senate Race Speculation

School Trustee and Mayor Eye
Bids for Fraser Seat in Senate

Greg Abbott Guidance Had
Contagious Effect on Session

Name Game Shifts to High Gear
Amid Speculation on Turnover

Governor Draws Line in Sand
on Marijuana Despite Concerns

Record-Smashing Session
Breaks Final Mark with Exit

Major Missions Accomplished
Despite Mixed Tea Party Bag

Sunset Compromise Collapse
Had Special Session Potential

Abbott May Find Escape Hatch
in Wake of Ethics Bill Collapse

Senate Open Carry Sponsor
Grateful for Patrick Green Light

House Dems Not in Harmony
on New Budget Like Senators

Rare Calm Falls on Statehouse
Despite Major Blowup Potential

Abbott Magic a Must to Stop
GOP Bloodbath on Ethics Bill

House Crew in Driver's Seat
in Open Carry Negotiations

Ethics Bill Foes Sound Alarm
on Video Restrictions Backlash

Texas House Goes Twilight Zone
as Dems Abandon Gun Bill Figh

GOP Priorities Fall Like Tenpins
in Time-Strapped Texas House

Republicans Use Revenge Play
in Texas House Strategy Duel

Open Carry Ranks High on List
of GOP Era Sensational Stories

Texas House Goes 360 Degrees
in Turf Fight on Water Measure

Campus Gun Floor Fight Set
as Open Carry Faces Obstacles

Spending Limit and Ethics Bills
Stay Alive in Race with Clock

Transportation Appears Stalled
Far from Session Radar Screen

Patrick Target of Ultimatum
from His Tea Party Advisors

Novel Bargaining Approach
Ties Major Issues Together

Ex-Mayor May Be Taking Aim
at Maverick Lawmaker's Seat

Surreal Convergence Prompts
Biker vs. Open Carry Size Up

Lawyers Assemble Cross-Section
Alliance for Last-Ditch Defensive

GOP Lawmakers Circle Wagons
on Open Carry in Waco Fallout

The Texas Senate Born Again
in the Post-Two Thirds Rule Era




TLR Tops Texas PAC Cash
as Dem Group Bounces Back

Battleground Texas posts disaster redemption haul as lawsuit reformers lead chase.

Texas Senate Fundraising
Texas House Fundraising
Statewide Fundraising


Conservative Stalwart Reputations of Past May Evaporate as Scores Fall
Hitler comparisons and gay bashing may not buy mercy in Texas scorecard era.

Empower Texans
Texas Eagle Forum


Best of the Legislature: Session Stars Made Big
Impact in Unique Ways

Statehouse stars left marks as law makers, bill killers and process maestros.

Freshmen Superlatives
in the Regular Session

Dennis Bonnen Jane Nelson
Charlie Geren Judith Zaffirini


Tough Guy Power Rankings
Have Wild West Wing Gun
Fight for Premier in 2015

Texas Independents Days Rankings: Centrist Majority with Tea Party Exceptions


Amy Maxwell
Carrie Simmons

Leadership Shakeup
Fuels Shift at Capitol
with Tea Party Tint

Red connections could be gold as changes at the top rock rankings amid all-time

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Teams & Groups


A-Team and & Tea Party Dominate Clout Charts
Muscle is team concept in Straus House as Senate list has fresh faces.

Freshmen Cubs Take Wolfpack Mentality
Speaker rookie pals on high ridge of freshmen sway wielders.

Tan Parker Charles Schwertner
Joan Huffman John Otto


Texas House Cubs See Wolfpack Mentality as Key to Clout and Survival
Straus rookie allies on high ridge of freshmen power rankings in session before next tea party hunt.
Dade Phelan Andrew Murr


Class of 2015

Morgan Meyer Konni Burton
Cesar Blanco Tony Tinderholt

Rookie Groups Mirror Business Establishment Battle with Tea Party
Freshmen delegation is tale of two factions in one party that dominates new lawmaker brigade.

Most Tea Party
Most Pro-Business
Most Experienced
Best Campaigns


Texas Independents Days Rankings: Centrist Majority with Tea Party Exceptions
Lawmakers make major splash going against grain on weed, taxes, abortion, regents, Senate rule and election strategy.


Dan Patrick Threatens to Steal Thunder with Red Meat Sizzler
at the Texas Inauguration

Texas Inauguration 2015: Rodeo Giving Way to Smooth Sailing as New Era Begins with Abbott

Greg Abbott
Dan Patrick


Liz and David White

Texas Power Couple List
Grows with High-Ranking
Hires at Statewide Shops

Campaign consultants wives land prime public parts in staff overhauls as spouse teams flex added muscle at Capitol.


Political Consultants Scorecard: Winning Isn't Everything in Wave Grade
Strategist who pulled rug on foes rosy claims and hands-on local expert share MVP honors on all-star team for fall.


Best of the General Election: Republicans Sweep Honors
in Line with Fall Vote Count

Greg Abbott raised bar to new level as GOP Hispanics prevail and majority party wins open seat with stellar campaign.




Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
National climate has GOP hopes high as fights for Dem seats emerging on radar for first time as vote nears.


Gang War Could Be Open Carry
Obstacle on Senate Hearing Eve

Abbott Gives Military Shout Out
at Sparsely Attended UNT Event

Hispanic GOP Pair Pass on Vow
in Wake of Failed Power Play

Sales Tax Cut May Have Been
Means to End More than Goal

Gay Wedlock Invalidation Act
Joins Parade to Bill Graveyard

Fragile Tax Cut Pact Coming
Together Behind the Scenes

Texas House Shoots Down Bill
Amid Belated MQS Red Light

Nude Dancer Says Texas Ranger
Refused to Pursue Senator Tale

Tax Battles Have Rarely Ended
in Victory in Regular Sessions

Dark Money Fight May Be First
Shot on 2016 House Battlefield

House Leaders Blazing New
Trails in Stickland Spectacle

House Bills Start Dying in Droves
Without Effect on the Slow Flow

Lawmakers Gear to Get Punk'd
Amid Hatchet-Job Editing Fears

Senate Dems Production High
as Eltife Piles Bills on Gov Desk

Wendy Davis Ethics Case
Has Anticlimactic Ending

Tea Party Critics No Match
for Abbott in Capitol Muscle

Single Shot Abortion Bills
Pop Up in Belated Déja Vu

Price Tag for Jade Helm Foray
and Border Pact Still Mysteries

Speaker Takes New Direction
with Highway Negotiator Picks

Über-Odyssey Plays Like Chess
Match in Time Warp at Capitol

Republican Takes Aim at Straus
Ally Armed with Abortion Vote

Top Senate Guns and Tea Party
Cub Named as Road Conferees

Fracking Bill Goes to Abbott
after Texas Senate Two-Step

Record Low Bill Approval Rate
Belies High Filing Count in 2015

Some Lawmakers Avoided
Temptation on Jade Helm

Lawmakers Take No Hurry
No Worry Priorities Attitude

Senate Backs Revamped Court
Process Amid Howls from Dems

Capitol Veteran's Sudden Death
Leaves TAB Staggered and Sad

Governor Puts Eyes of Texas
on Special Operations Mission

Ethics Plan Latest Shot in War
on Dems with Law Degrees

Straus Leads Parade as House
Gathers Steam with Tax Votes

Pre-K Olive Branch Tailored
for Show Without Substance

Tax Cuts Give House Leaders
Opportunity for Credit Sharing

House Speaker Foes Shut Out
in Bill Passing Count Up to Now

Greenest Budget Bargaining
Group Faces Trickiest Task

Pre-K Blowup Raises Specter
of Special Session in Summer

Liquor Store Bill Clears Senate
With No West Wing Guarantees

Fingers Point in All Directions
Tea Party Pre-K Attack Wake

Senate 17 Crack Double Digits
Despite Major Production Drop

Vouchers Vote Timing Sparks
Senate Conspiracy Conjecture

Pure Party Line Votes Have Not
Materialized in Partisan Clashes

Straus Foe Finds Unlikely Ally
for PR Bombing on Gun Ruling

Bad Blood Boils Over as House
Endorses Open Carry Measure

House Votes to Give Red Light
to Cities on Oil and Gas Rules

Straus Team About-Face Gives
PIU Proposal New Lease on Life

House Tax Cut Plan Advances
in Quick Vote after Slow Start

Capitol Lobby Gets Unusual
Cold Shoulder in the Senate

Abbott Avoids Tax Cut Feud
Despite Budget Veto Warning

Senate Falls One Vote Short
of Perfection on State Budget

House Insurgency Fizzles
on Par with Revolts of Past

Two Bills Nailed with One Stone
in Parliamentary House Ambush

House Revives Bills that Fell
Victim to Parliamentary Ploy

PAAT Backs Stronger Standard
as Bills Take Other Approaches

Tea Party Lawmaker Derails
Bills with Tactical Power Play

Competing Tax Cut Plans Short
on Middle Ground Opportunities

Historic House Tax Relief Plan
Sparks Protests from Democrats

Texas Capitol Assembly Lines
on Pace for Record Low Output

Texas House Stall Could Be
Self-Induced Logjam Prelude

Religious Freedom Initiatives
Have Rare Coalition on Defense

Challenger with Ties to Famed
Sniper May Take Aim at Geren

TDA Deputy Saga Adds More
Fuel to the Cumulative Fire

House Panel Vote on PIU Fate
May Be Potential Turning Point

Heavy House Horse Trading
Sets Stage for Budget Win

Speaker's Team Not in Unison
as Bid to Cut Movie Bait Fails

PIU May Survive Biennial Punch
with GOP No Longer in Unison

Abbott Faces First Major Crisis
with Health Agency Revelations

Abbott Gives Walker Schooling
on Avoiding Immigration Trap

House Budget Battle Could
Spawn Strange Bedfellows

Texas House Tax Cut Plan Hint
Sparks Speculation on Bluffing

Serenity Prevails as Senators
Endorse Record Tax Cut Plan

Patrick and Bush Could Have
Top Special Senate Race Odds

United Committee Vote Doesn't
Ensure Smooth Budget Sailing

Perry and Cruz Face Intense
Competition for Texas Cash

Dems Salivating on Prospects
for Ted Cruz as GOP Nominee

Ted Cruz Fundraiser Hosts List
Features Former Perry Backers

Cruz Campaign Alliance Value
Would Fall with Stumble in 2016

Campus Gun Push No Longer
Bipartisan Duel in State Senate

GOP Chief Views Party Vision
through Red Rose Tint Lens

Speaker Foes May Have Found
First 2016 House Primary Recruit

House Endorses Border Security
Accord with Bipartisan Support

Tax Cut Plan Clears Committee
Without Typical Fireworks Show

Senate Backs Open Carry Bill
Despite Opposition from Police

PIU Fate Uncertain with Clash
Between Chambers in Making

Guest Worker Plan and Vouchers
Give Filing Flurry Fireworks Fuse

GOP Lawmaker Fires New Shot
at State Drug Law Enforcement

PR Prop Posturing Prelude
for House Sacrificial Strategy

Cities Blast House Plan to Give
State Oil Regulation Monopoly

Senator's Dissent on UT Regent
May Be Statewide Springboard


Senate Leaders Seek the Best
of Both Worlds on Budget Cap

House Plan Would Shift Leftover
Funds to Two Big-Ticket Needs

Comptroller Sticking with Initial
Money Forecast for Time Being

Senate Dems Sandbag Measure
on Immigration for Several Days

New State GOP Chief May Find
Juggling Act Next to Impossible

SREC Rallies Behind Tesla Bid
on Rival Car Dealers Home Turf

Lawmaker's Cousin Could Face
Ex-Candidates in Special Fight

Senate Battle Feud Simmers
Amid GOP Vote Impact Debate

Dan Patrick Could Put Muscle
Behind Power Scope Measure

Dan Patrick Could Put Muscle
Behind Power Scope Measure

Simpson Strikes Publicity Gusher
with Pot Bill that Abbott Opposes

Senate Tax Relief Initiative
Could Be in Bipartisan Peril

Conservative Lawmaker Seeks
to Repeal Marijuana Prohibition

Senate Republicans Demands
Not Intended as Medicaid Chips

Bipartisan Pre-K House Rivalry
Has House Speaker Team Split

UT Nominees Raked over Coals
in Greg Abbott's First Major Test

Patrick Could Be Critics Only
Hope in UT Nominee Battle

House Rallies in Relatively Rare
Unity Display on TRS Care Boost

Menendez Confident on Leaving
Bad Blood Behind after OT Win

Senate Redesigns Tax Cut Plan
with A-Team at Helm This Time

Patrick Says Speedy Strategy
in Senate Not Pressure Tactic

Bill Filings Soar at State Capitol
Despite Less Government Vow

King Takes Aim at PIU Again
with Special Prosecutor Plan

Republicans Seek to Strengthen
Ban that Could Be Short-Lived

Tea Party Rookies Could Spoil
Abbott Unity Quest on UT Picks

GOP Leaders Howling in Anger
on Ex-PUC Member's Wedding

Abbott Makes Low-Key Pitch
for More Clout on Spending

Democratic Lawmaker Rides
GOP Support to Giant Upset

Abbott Leaves Most Red Meat
Off Fast Track List in Speech

Border and Roads Could Top
Governor Emergency Tag List

House Runoff Favorites Ride
Bipartisan Themes to OT Vote

Lawmaker May Leave Burned
Bridges in Special Runoff Wake

GOP Pair Could Rekindle War
with Obamacare Abortion Ban

Abbott Picks Former Lawmaker
for TTC over Ex-Speaker's Wife

Train Wreck of Epic Magnitude
Shaping Up at the Statehouse

Senate Rookie Bans Lobbying
at Taxpayer Expense in Office

Wal-Mart Liquor Push at Capitol
Spills into Federal Courthouse

Freshman Has Highly Rare Role
as Major Tax Cut Chief Architect

Tea Party Leaves Imprint Amid
DPS Shift on Fingerprint Policy

Empower Texans Rips Abbott
on Vetting Process for Regents

Transportation Network Rivals
Join Forces for Capitol Battle

Red State Legislature Has Chair
Roster that's Relatively Green

GOP Speaker Doesn't Take Page
from Patrick on Committee Picks

Straus Taps Otto for Budget Post
as Texas House Panels Unveiled

Aggies Enlist Statesman Ace
to Be Media Relations Official

State GOP Boss Leaving Dueling
Texans Behind for Younger Paul

Geren Wants to Shine Brighter
Light on Lobby Expenditures

Patrick Appears to Backpeddle
Under Fire on Open Gun Carry

Budget Plan Branding Triggers
Hot Button Speculation on SB 1

Senate Plan May Have Appeal
on Right Despite Higher Price

GOP Senator Takes High Road
Despite Demotion Perceptions

Senate Dems Clout Clip Sparks
Outrage among Party Warriors

Patrick First Chair Picks Feature
Mix of Reward and Punishment

Combs Plans to Unleash Arsenal
on Republican Solidarity Push

UT Regent Selections Signal
Dramatic Perry Path Departure

Abbott Regent Picks Face Task
of Restoring Calm in Higher Ed

Senate Two-Thirds Rule Dies
Amid Kowtowing Assertions

New Texas Leaders Mix Religion
with Separate Visions on Policy

Armbrister Launches Lobby
Career as Perry Makes Exit

Most Conservatives on Fence
Fall into GOP Speaker's Camp

Rick Perry Does Major U-Turn
in Potential Warm-Up for 2016

Parker Wins Caucus Chief Race
as Only One Who Goes Distance

House Panel Chair Speculation
Ramps Back Up to Record Level

Speaker Vote Strategy Caused
Apparent Rift Among Democrats

Democrat Plays the Kumbaya
Crasher Role in Speaker Vote

Compromise Speaker Vote Plan
Leaves Door Open for Surprises

Media Pros Could Be Collateral
Damage in Ongoing GOP Feud

Rosiest State Revenue Forecast
Betting on Oil Prices Rebound

David Dewhurst Name Pops Up
in White House Conversations

Menendez Runs Risk of Primary
Foe that Trial Lawyers Bankroll

Special Election Leader Falls
Short on Independent's Day

GOP Pair Advance to Overtime
in Race that Had Identity Issues

Longshot Republican Lands Spot
in Special House Runoff Contest

House Hopeful Rips Joe Straus
But Leaves Speaker Door Open

Propaganda Warfare Allegations
Fly in Battle for House Speaker

Lone Republican Pins Hopes
on Partisan Split Opportunity

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