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Abbott Could Ignite Tempest
with Green Light for Churches

Governor appears to side with anti-gay crusader with edict that invalidates local ban.

Texas Governor Slams the Door
on Drivers from Neighbor State

Quarantine mandate could inspire Arkansas reroute and boater bypass on coronavirus roadblock.

GOP Rookie Who's Defied Trump
Could Be Presidential Contender

Texan who told president to back off on stimulus vote might be left to fend alone in re-election bid.

GOP Leaders Have Prescription
for Horror in Key Lawmaker Eyes

Study group chief says Trump and Patrick on cataclysmic path with push for social isolation end.

Bonnen Backs Strict Adherence
on Social Isolation in Short Run

House speaker warns that virus could hold state hostage for months without full-scale compliance now.

Texas Dems Get Momentum Shot
with Pelosi Virus Bill Power Play

Senate vote defuses GOP attacks on speaker who emerges triumphant in monumental hardball clash.

Income Tax Could Be Back
on the Table Despite Voter Ban

Texas Pollster Finds Republicans
Divided on Coronavirus Severity

Patrick Gambles GOP Future
with Sacrificial Altar Shocker

Special Session Inevitable
Amid State Recession Plunge

Congress Hopefuls Slam Pelosi
on Subjects Sensitive for Trump

State House Braces for Bad News
on Oil Plunge Amid Virus Assault

Two-Thirds of Dem Delegates
Up for Grab in Confabs Online

Texas Plays Catch Up as Abbott
Follows Locals Lead on Virus

Trump China Blame Game Could
Backfire on GOP Majority Defense

Texas Political Casualties Start
to Climb Amid COVID-19 Threat

Hailey's Comment: GOP Abandons Battle Cry Themes for Survival Sake
Party that used to despise big government takes socialist path as locals take lead amid Easter miracle mirage.

Texas Coronavirus Stats
Johns Hopkins World Toll
Centers for Disease Control

GOP Hired Guns Warm Up for Epic Fall Clash Despite House Disarray and Wave
Strategists have chance to offset primary business dip in November vote amid threat of Democrats and virus.

August Arrives in March as GOP
Nominee Claims Textbook Win

Midland loses Congress seat in battle that looked OT bound.
Dallas Dem Bounces Back Big
in Top Target Texas House Race

Cattanach eases near-miss pain with stellar primary showing.
The Other Jim Wright Stuns
Goliath in Unbelievable Upset

RRC hopeful sparks Dem speaker visions with incumbent ouster.
Veteran Lawmaker Weathers
Progressive Round One Storm

Cuellar overcomes Trump favorite Dem tag in fight with AOC recruit.

Texas Primary Runoff
Races to Watch in Texas
Legislature and Congress

Texas State and Federal
General Election Lineups

Lobby Power Rankings
Reflect Bonnen Speaker
Bid Win and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

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